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1. Using Tourney.cc

1.1 - You will have to register/sign-in with tourney.cc in order to participate in the cup.
1.2 - It is up to you to submit scores for your matches after they have been completed. They will be confirmed by an admin before they become official and the standings/brackets are updated.
1.3 - Co-ordinate with your opponent on who will be submitting scores for the match.

2. Scheduling

2.1 - Date: Saturday, October 6th. 1:00 PM EDT (GMT-4)
2.2 - Check-ins will begin at 12 PM EDT and will run until 1PM (EDT).
2.3 - Don't be late for check-ins or you'll miss out.
2.4 - This event will take place over the course of 1 day.
2.5 - After the Check-in period is over, the groups will be set up and you will be expected to be on IRC (#xonotic.pickup on quakenet) to co-ordinate with your opponents for your matches.
2.5b - If you are unfamiliar with IRC, go to http://webchat.quakenet.org/ [webchat.quakenet.org] and put #xonotic.pickup into the channel input box.

3. Game/Tournament Format

3.1 - Game Mode: Duel (1v1) using XPM balance.
3.2 - Timelimit: 10 minutes with 2 minute overtimes in case of a tie.
3.3 - Fraglimit: None
3.4 - Format: Group Stage + Single Elimination Playoffs
3.5 - Group stage matches are Best of 1 map
3.6 - Semi-final matches are Best of 3 maps
3.7 - Grand Finals are Best of 5 maps

4. Map Pool

4.1 - The Map Pool is:
Stormkeep, Aerowalk, Bloodrun, fe26, Bloodprison
4.1b - Their in-game map names for voting purposes are:
stormkeep, hub3aeroq3a_nex_r4, bloodrun_a2, fe26_b3, bloodprison_xon_r2
4.2 - If the creators of these maps release a new version, that will be used during the cup.

5. Map Selection

5.1 - When both players are in a server, one player must call heads/tails, and then use 'vcall cointoss' to find out who tosses/picks first.
5.2 - For Group stage matches, both participants will take turns eliminating maps until there is one left, which will be played. (toss-toss-toss-toss-play)
5.3 - For Playoffs, both players toss 1 map, then pick from the remaining maps. (toss-toss-pick-pick-play)
5.4 - For the finals, both players alternate between map choices because it is a Best of 5 and no maps will be tossed. (pick-pick-pick-pick-play)

6. Servers

6.1 - We will be using the following servers for the cup:

Atlanta 1on1 Server (XPM)
Atlanta 1on1 Server 2 (XPM)
Chicago 1v1 Server (XPM)

7. Demos

7.1 - You will be expected to record demos of all your matches and submit them to srkdy after the tourney.
7.2 - To enable automatic recording - From the main menu, go to Multi-player, Demo Tab, and check off 'Automatically record demos while playing'.
7.2b - Alternately, you can enable autorecording of demos via the console with "cl_autodemo 1"
7.3 - Before sending your demos to srkdy, please rename the demo file using the following format:
7.3b - For example, If I were to haved played a match vs. nifrek in the group stages on Drain, my demo would be named:

8. Fake Nicknames

8.1 - Players are required to use their regular nicknames during the cup. Usage of any alternate or inappropriate nicknames could result in disqualification or forfeiture of a match.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, talk to me(srkdy) on IRC. I can be found idling in #xonotic, #smokebreak, and #xonotic.pickup; quakenet IRC. It's best if you send me a PM, as I don't often pay attention to the chat screen and can miss it.
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